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Market Updates and Upcoming Events!

This month we’re sharing with you tips on what to check when doing a final walkthrough. A final walkthrough is an opportunity for home buyers to inspect the house before the official closing. We are also giving you a peek into the local market. Be on the look out for changes in the market in your areas. Events to expect in and around Missouri for the remainder of the month. Watch out for upcoming events for the coming month.

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Here are some things to look out for during a Final Walkthrough!

* Check that light fixtures and outlets are accounted for and in working condition.
* Test faucets and check for leaks, test the hot water, make sure all drains are clear and properly draining water.

* Test all appliances, including the stove, washing machine and dishwasher. Make sure the fridge is cold.
Test the thermostat (heat and air conditioning) and check out HVAC units.
* Ensure garage door openers (and any remotes that come with them) are working.

* Make sure each one properly closes and opens, and, if they have screens, make sure none are missing or damaged.
You should also check for signs of moisture or water damage around the window or door casings.
* You should also flush the toilets and check for water leaks or damage near the base of the toilet.

Here’s a peek into what’s happening in the local market.

Calendar Of Events

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