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  1. Looking for a home before getting pre-approved for a mortgage.
    • Affordability answered.  Clarity is Power!
    • Ready when the right home appears.
  2. Assuming 20% down payment is required.
    • Many programs available, talk to your mortgage loan officer for clarity. 
    • FHA (3.5%), USDA (0%), Conventional (3%), VA (0%), MHDC, Beyond Housing, Bridge…
  3. Buying more house than is affordable.
    • Monthly payments include Insurance & Taxes.
    • Less expensive than renting.
  4. Moving too fast.
    • Pre-approval is good for 90 days & easily renewed.
    • 3 months ahead ideal, credit repair pays off.
  5. Waiting for the unicorn.
    • Perfection does not exist – Sweat equity is a good thing.
    • 2 – 10 showings common.
  6. Being careless with credit.
    • Pause before applying for credit – especially while under contract.
    • Hold off on that car purchase & job changes til after home purchase.
  7. Waiving or skimping on home inspection.
    • Condition report of the house valuable for further negotiation.
    • Repairs or credits may be available.
  8. Using the seller’s agent.
    • Commissions are paid by the seller – no charge to buyer to have an agent involved.
    • Meeting with Buyer’s agent ahead of time saves time and surprises.
  9. Listening to too much input from family and friends.
    • Family isn’t as clear on budget.
    • Market conditions may not be the same as when friends bought last.
  10. Looking on Zillow for your home.
    • MLS search is 24-48 hours ahead of Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, etc.
    • The Internet is cluttered with obsolete and under contract listings.

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